23  Bingley Talks about Rabbit and Kitty Boy

I told Bingley about “The Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy” on kristydeetz.com. He asked me if “Kitty Boy” refers to him.

“Not exactly, thought the character in the paintings sometimes looks a little like you.”

“Did I inspire him, then?” he asked.

“Oh yes, absolutely.”

“Thank you,” he said, pleased. “I’m glad I helped.”

“You’re welcome. I couldn’t have done the stories without you.”

“Do I get paid?”

He’s been asking me questions like that ever since I mentioned making a living.

“How much would you like?” I asked.

“More than usual.”

I told him you can’t make “more” money when you don’t already make money.

He said, “Not money! More mmmao.”

“You always get plenty! You haven’t missed a meal since you’ve been with us except when you were sick. I doubt you could eat much more than we give already.”

“We could try.”

I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere by reasoning, so I just calmly looked him in the eye waiting for him to change the subject, which he doesn’t do very readily.

Finally he said, “Who’s this Rabbit character, anyway?”

I explained as well as I could.

So he’s not real, just imaginary. Am I real?”

“As real as anyone or anything can be.”

“But not Kitty Boy: he’s not real.”

“He’s just a fictional version of you, a character for stories.”

“Maybe I need to have more adventures so you can tell real stories about me.”

“Maybe. What adventures would you like to have?”


“Flying? On a plane? Believe me, you wouldn’t like it.”

“No, not on a plane: that sounds terrible. Just flying, like the birds!”

So Bingley jumped into my lap and told me about how he wants to fly. Sometime I’ll tell you that story, too.