19 Making a Living

As I was about to leave for work one day recently, a pretty typical conversation began.

Bingley stopped me as I was putting on my coat, and he said “Don’t go!”

“Sorry:  I have to go.”


“I have to go to work.”

“You did that yesterday.”

“Yes, I have to do that most days.”


“I need to make a living.”

You can guess it:  I got the Mr. Spock look.

“You’re already living,” Bingley said.

“That’s just a saying. ‘I need to make a living’ means I have to work to make money.”

“What do you need that for?”

I was getting just a little exasperated, which finally got me to the point.

“I need to make money so I can get your cat food.”

“You need it for food?” Bingley exclaimed.


He thought for just a moment.

“Better get going!” he said. “You don’t want to be late!”


“Some of us eat to live,” I said, “and some of us live to eat”–I’d forgotten I used that one before.

“Live to eat,” Bingley said with a smile. “Do I get a treat before you go?”


Apologies to anyone who was hoping to keep up on Bingley’s adventures: we’ve had a long hiatus, but we’re back now. Bingley had a scary incident that I’m not ready to write about, and I’ve tumbled through a number of the ubiquitous computer problems. But if today’s posts go up neatly, we’re online again and eager to share more stories. Thanks for visiting us again!