16  One more for Poetry Month

As April turned into May, feeling bad for those under water literally I got under water figuratively, and so fell behind on my goal for National Poetry Month.  Here’s my last for April, submitted, as Rod Serling would say, for your approval.

A Certain Kind of Man


A certain kind of man

can wear snakeskin boots,

a white cowboy hat

and a bola tie.

He will eat steak rare

and order beer in a wine bar,

and no one will blink.


A certain kind of man

wears a tweed coat and waistcoat,

a tweed hat and oxfords

and half-lensed reading glasses.

He will eat sushi or tapas,

order tea in a bar

and no one will blink.


Each can be diffi-cult.

Each must be diffe-rent.

Neither gets diffi-dent.

Neither shows defe-rence.


Thanks for reading, and happy May!