15  Final Volleys for National Poetry Month

In the next couple days I’ll try to get some new poetry up to help celebrate the month along with the rest of you.  Together we can make Eliot’s cruelest month into something more enjoyable for all of us.


A Certain Kind of Woman

  1. She likes money, cares less for renown,

wears a tailored suit and never a gown.

Her shoes polish bright golden-brown.

Each sentence concludes with a frown.

She stays at the Hilton Downtown.


2. You won’t hear her haggle or fuss.

Her hair has a slight, stylish muss.

She’ll sometimes ride home on the bus.

Politics she will never discuss.

She stays at the best Western Plus.


One lives in New York, visits Boston.

One drinks Chardonnay and reads Austen.


Thanks for visiting–more tomorrow.